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October 20, 2021
             "When our Truck Pulls Up, The Dirt Pulls Out"


Cincinnati Flood

Restoration Service 

Is your carpet wet or under water? Did a pipe break in your home? Did a storm cause a flooded basement in your Cincinnati area property? No matter why there’s water in your place, B&B Cleaning Company can clean and remove odors from your flood damaged carpet.  Mold and bacteria are less likely to grow if we can extract the water quickly. To help save your flood damaged carpet and remain safe, make sure you do these things:

If possible, stop the source of running water.

Be sure there is no electric current flowing 
through the water.

Remove furniture that can cause stains—
especially wood furniture and metal furniture.
Call B&B Cleaning Co. immediately!   

B&B Cleaning Company provides great, low-cost water damage restoration for Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding areas. Our priority is preventing flood damaged carpet and returning your flooded basement or room to normal.

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B & B Cleaning Co.


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